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Shadeports Plus Ltd is one of Cyprus's most experienced manufacturers of quality fabric shade systems. Established in 2001, Shadeports Plus has been pioneering and setting the standards for cable tensioned structures. We believe that we are the premier supplier of sun/UV and hail protective canopies in the Cypriot market at present.

Our close alliance with our partners in South Africa and Australia has kept us up-to-date and informed on all the latest developments and technologies pertaining to our area of expertise.

With design and installation aside, the most important aspect of a Shadeports Plus product will always be the imported Polyethylene Fabric we use for all our work. Developed specifically for use in all climates, it is ideal for use here in Cyprus where we experience such extremes of weather. The fabric's characteristics have multiple advantages ranging from strength and durability, low degradation rate, and of course, all the benefits associated with the use of a UV stabilized fabric.

Having erected structures and designed cover solutions for projects from Polis to Protaras, Shadeports Plus has the materials and expertise necessary to provide our customers (corporate or private) with an effective, practical, safe and aesthetically pleasing solution to their needs.

Shadeports Plus recognizes the need for quality weather protective systems, be it architectural sails, car-ports, pergola covers or other... no challenge is too big or small for us. Our mission statement is simple...




  • Provides over 90% cool shade.
  • Provides up to 96% UV protection.
  • Protects people and assets from heat, dust, wind, rain and hail.
  • Ensures over 70% water run-off.
  • Allows hot air to escape through the fabric, substantially reducing temperature under the canopy.
  • It is cost effective (compared to canvas, vinyl, wood or aluminium).
  • It is attractive and functional.
  • It can generate income by carrying signage and logos.


Shadeports Plus Ltd offers the best quality shade cloths with a 10 year UV Warranty in a wide range of colours and different farbics which are:

  • Shadenet Fabric - Colourshade Z25
  • Waterproof Fabric - Colourshade Dri-Z
  • Shadenet Fabric - eXtreme 32

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