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1.      Where can I buy a shade sail? You can purchase a shade sail directly from Shadeports Plus I the form of a custom design or a D I Y sail... contact us for all inquires.

2.      How much will it cost? D I Y sails have the price fixed per size as seen on our D I Y page, custom  sails however are made to measure and often more complicated, involving design, structural installation and groundwork all of which is included in the quotation which can be arranged free of charge. To arrange for a quotation please contact us.

3.      What is included in the price? Again with the D I Y sails, the packages include only the sail, fixtures and fitting components are listed on the web page however are NOT included in our D I Y package, with custom sails the final price on the quotation is for a complete product, including all fixings and additional work-the price is as we say, is for a FULLY INSTALLED product.

4.      What guarantees do I have? Shadeports Plus officially guarantees our POLYETHEYLENE fabric and a limited warrantee on our structures... see Guarantees and Disclaimer

5.      Can you quote off a sketch plan? We can quote from a sketch plan, as long as the measurements are accurate and the information regarding the site /structure is technically sound.

6.      If I were to provide a sketch plan, what measurements will I need to make? Once you have decided exactly where you want your sail to fit you need to include all points on the outer perimeter ... and you DO need to include diagonal measurements from point to point (remember the more measurements you can provide the more precisely the sail will fit)




7.      What markets do you cater for? To  put it simply we provide SHADE primarily, therefore we specialize in providing solutions to ALL your shade requirements our products are shelter related and so are adapted to almost any environment and are affected only by two factors Aesthetics & Practicality. We are flexible enough to be able to effectively handle small private projects  (home improvements) likewise we have the experience and support to handle large scale industrial projects and just about anything in between.

8.      Do you supply outside of Cyprus? We do not sell our product outside of Cyprus, however we do have a sister company in Mauritius and provision to target markets outside of Cyprus are in place, should there be any expressed interest in our products or services.

9.      Do I have to take down my sail in the winter? It is highly recommended that you take down your sail in the winter months this will pro-long the life and quality of your sail and more importantly this is a safety recommendation. Any sails should be taken down in extreme weather, storms, hurricanes, gales, cyclones as well as hail or snow storms.

10.  Do I need a permit to put up a shade sail? In Cyprus you do not need to get official permission to erect a sail, however it is always advisable to check with your local authority or landlord just to be sure that this is the case in your particular instance.

11.  What is the difference between Shade cloth and the waterproof option? Shade cloth is designed specifically to provide COOL shade, it has a unique weave which whilst being extremely strong and dense allows the hot air trapped underneath the cloth to seep through and continue to rise making the air itself up to 30% cooler under the sail than the air surrounding it, the waterproof option is basically the same in its woven form, the difference being that the waterproof option is lined with an opaque plastic film with elastic properties which allow the fabric itself to maintain its practical characteristics whilst being completely water tight. The only negative aspect of the waterproofed fabric is that it does not allow hot air to escape as with shade cloth.

12.  How long will it take to install my carport/sail? The schedule for erecting a structure will usually be discussed the time of quotation, but as a general rule a sail of average proportions will take 1 day to set poles or steel work plus fixings and a further few hours to install the sail once the fixings are completely set ( usually a day or two apart ). A standard carport will take 3 site visits on average. A) to set foundations for the structure B) to erect the fame work and take final measurements for the cloth C) covering and finishing off the structure.

13.  Can I install my own sail? If your sail has been specifically designed by us to your exact specifications WE will install it for you (recommended) If however you purchase a D I Y sail from our stock we have recommended installation procedures that will help you obtain the best results but we will not guarantee YOUR work.

14.  How much wind can my sail withstand? Our fabric has been tested by CSIR under wind conditions in excess of 200km/h and has a burst strength of 260kpa.

15.  What shapes are your sails available in? Custom sails are limited only by the environment in which they will be placed the look you wish to achieve and the practicality you wish to obtain... D I Y sails however are only available in basic shapes and sizes Quadrilaterals and Triangles.

16.  Will shade cloth fade?  Yes, as with all things exposed to the elements for pro-longed periods, different colors will fade at different rates too. However the life of our fabric is substantial compared with other similar materials and can be made to last even longer if the correct maintenance program is followed.

17.  What colors are available? Click here to view a full swatch of what colours we carry in stock.


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