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ShadeportsPLUS!!!... Rolling With The Times, and Keeping Cool About It!

So you may ask yourself... When all this talk of new, cleaner, greener energy actually become a practical and economical reality, something we can ALL apply to everyday life? The answer... is NOW.

Here on our beautiful island, most would know us as an established SHADE provision company. Our product range consisting of structures and canopy's are designed to protect our customers and their assets against the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to the harsh Cypriot climate, utilizing Polyethylene fabric as the fundamental ingredient in our designs because of its aesthetic qualities, strength, life expectancy, UV protective  and  waterproofing qualities.

What is less known about Shadeports plus is just how diversified and innovative we have become over the years with our company now expanding into new and exciting areas of development whilst not straying from our basic areas of expertise.

We currently manufacture in our Geroskipou  based factory  all the steelwork , woodwork and polyethylene covers, and are currently building a new factory in Aiya Varvara to so we will have the correct space and layout to deal with the new elements of our business.

It is largely due to the shift in demand for Green Energy, that our new partners SKYSHADES  AUSTRALIA and their affiliates have over the years been developing and perfecting a new 3rd Generation Solar Energy Organic Photo Voltaic Cell that will be easily incorporated in the design of any of the Fabric based shade structures our companies currently produce.

It's known as ORGANIC PHOTO VOLTAIC (OPV) technology.




This revolutionary new solar collecting film, and it is so called because it is produced in rolls much like your old "Kodak" camera film, is set to revolutionize the way we think about harvesting the suns energy. Already being incorporated in the design of large scale membrane structures because of its flexible light weight properties, itís ticking all the right boxes.  NOW, it is not impossible to imagine being able to generate energy out of virtually any type of shade providing structure or canopy.

The most interesting points of reference, and whats got us really excited is the fact that at its currently developed level, it is outperforming standard solar units currently on the market in terms of electrical output and it is still a new science! Its producers anticipate being able to extract up to 30% more "efficiency" in energy "output" per year over the next 5 years, which is very significant.

Imagine the possibilities if you will, being able to draw energy out of a Carport, an Architectural Sail, a Pergola cover, even something as small as a small garden umbrella without compromising on aesthetics and practicality.

We will post updates on OPV thin film technologies on this page so as to keep you all informed about this fascinating new product.

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In 2002 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the USA, published the guidelines for school programs to prevent skin cancer. This outlines the steps schools and their communities could take to significantly reduce the risk of skin cancer amongst their students, teachers, staff and visitors.

The study was very comprehensive providing information ranging from giving out questionnaires to gather as much information about the schools climate and environment through to establishing the advantages and disadvantages of various different solutions to try to eliminate the problem of overexposure.

Why should schools care about skin cancer?

    What Is UVR?

  What Are The Benefits Of Shade?

       Strategies for Providing Shade... Click here to download the PDF


Exterior Weather Protection All Year Round

Shadeports Plus Ltd is one of Cyprus's most experienced manufacturers of quality fabric shade systems today. Established in 2001, Shadeports Plus has been pioneering and setting the standards for cable tensioned structures. We believe that we are the premier supplier of sun/UV and hail protective car ports, sails, canopies, screens/blinds and pool debris covers on the Cypriot market at present.

Our close alliance with our partners in Australia and South Africa has kept us up to date and informed on all the latest developments and technologies pertaining to our area of expertise.

With design and installation aside, the most important aspect of a Shadeports Plus product will always be the imported Polyethylene Fabric we use for all our work. Developed specifically for use in all climates, it is ideal for use here in Cyprus where we experience such extremes of weather. The fabric's characteristics have multiple advantages ranging from strength and durability, low degradation rate, and of course, all the benefits awarded by using a UV stabilized fabric.

Having erected structures and designed cover solutions for projects from Polis to Protaras, Shadeports Plus has the materials and expertise necessary to provide our customers (corporate or private) with a cost effective, practical, safe and aesthetically pleasing solution to their needs.

Shadeports Plus recognizes the need for quality weather protective systems, be it architectural sails, car-ports, pergola covers or other... no challenge is too big or small for us. Our mission statement is simple... WE COVER CYPRUS!

Generally speaking Cyprus enjoys year round sunshine, however we are subject to weather of the opposite extreme in our winter season. Strong winds, rainfall and hail storms being the main causes for concern.

Shadeports Plus offer not only cool shade, but we import waterproof polyethylene as one of our options and all of our canopies and sails can support a high level of protection against wind and hail stone damage.

For all of our customers we offer a maintenance service which comprises of different packages dependant on the product. These services include repair, a take down and  put up service for sails car ports, cleaning, re-cabling, tensioning, repainting and new stainless steel fixings where necessary. Maintenance will enhance the longevity of your sail, car port or pool debris cover for practical, aesthetic and safety reasons.

On a final note, all Shadeports Plus products are not regarded as permanent structures because they can be easily dismantled. For this reason they do not require special permits to supply and install, saving time and money.

Call now and let us discuss and quote for a quality, cost effective solution to suit your needs.

George on 99 758323